ISYS2160.01 Spring 2019 Special Topics: Swift/iOS App Development [Gallaugher]

In this fast-paced course, students will learn the Swift programming language and iOS app development skills. Using a "flipped-classroom" approach, the students take lectures in a series of online videos embedded in a web-based course/reference/quiz book, following along with videos as they learn programming concepts and build apps. Although this is a flipped class, expect a challenging course. Class is mandatory (this is NOT an online course) and class time will be used for additional exercises, concept review, and student questions. Students are required to bring a fully-charged Mac laptop to each class with the latest version of Apple's free Xcode software installed (make sure you have access to a Mac that meets these requirements before enrolling). While this course is rigorous, challenging, and covers a broad set of topics at a rapid pace, the course assumes no prior programming experience. Students should be prepared to spend significant time each week on self-directed learning and regular programming projects. This course can be used in place of ISYS 2157 Programming for Management for credit toward the Information Systems concentration.