ENGL1080.07 Fall 2018 Literature Core [Weiskott]

ENGL1080.07 Fall 2018 Literature Core [Weiskott]

photograph of Angela Davis speaking at a political rally in Raleigh, NC in 1974

Prisoners and Visionaries

While the United States makes up 4% of the world’s population, it imprisons 22% of the world’s prisoners. This course takes the prison system as a starting point for investigating literary imagination. Many celebrated writers (Margery Kempe; Queen Elizabeth I; Ezra Pound; Martin Luther King, Jr.) were both prisoners and visionaries. Others (Shakespeare, Octavia Butler) envision the world differently through visions of imprisonment. We will be guided by Michel Foucault’s foundational analysis of the modern prison in Discipline and Punish.

As part of a special English Department pilot program, this section of Literature Core is paired with Professor Chris Boucher’s section, Literature Core: Literature of the Fantastic. Connected by the theme of imagination, the two sections will share some readings and events and come together for reflection sessions twice during the semester.

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